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...join us online for a live digital celebration of the Nurse Heroes art contest participants, hosted every month discover the finalists and winners for each monthly contest...

Finalists - Awards Celebration Online:  At 11:00am on the second Sunday of every month, celebrity ambassadors will announce the finalists for each monthly Nurse Heroes art contest. REGISTER TO JOIN FINALIST AWARDS NOW

Finalists that have created art to honor our Nurse Heroes will be revealed in each of four art categories: Painting, Drawing, Photography, and Poetry.

The Nurse Heroes contest is open to all adults and children, of all ages and genders.  In each art category, there are five age groups:

  • Adults 18 and over

  • Age 15 to 18

  • Age 11 to 14

  • Age 7 to 10

  • Age 6 and under


See the art-work of each finalist online, alongside select pieces from the 'Women Who Dared', at the Nurse Heroes Gallery, a tribute to our front line professionals.

The Nurse Heroes Gallery is an online collection which combines memorable images of our nurses, select pieces from the 'Women Who Dared' art collection, together with women who have made difference in history.  Art created by participants in the Nurse Heroes competition will also become part of the gallery, creating an iconic celebration of our frontline nurses and their families.


...twelve monthly contests and celebrations...


Winners - Awards Celebration Digital Broadcast:  On the second Sunday of every month at 11:00am, celebrity ambassadors will reveal the winners for each monthly contest across the four categories of art.

Meet the winners in each age group... learn about what inspired them to create their art honoring Nurse Heroes, REGISTER TO JOIN AWARDS NOW...

...celebrate in Times Square, NYC...

Times Square Live Celebration:  See each winner get the news from a celebrity ambassador during an online broadcast.  As part of the celebration, winners will see their art work displayed live on the iconic high-definition digital billboards of Times Square, NYC, alongside select pieces from the 'Women Who Dared' art collection, REGISTER TO JOIN AWARDS NOW...

...celebrate together...

Gallery Exhibition NYC:  When conditions permit, you will have the chance to see the art of select finalists, winners and the 'Women Who Dared' collection in-person, as part of a gallery exhibition in Times Square, NYC.  This will be the first time the 'Women who Dared' collection has been exhibited to the public.

Touring Gallery Exhibition:  Art has been shown to help heal, inspire and motivate.  The art work of select Nurse Heroes contest finalists, winners and the 'Women Who Dared' collection will tour across the country and internationally; exhibited in collaboration with hospitals, museums and host institutions honoring the legacy of Florence Nightingale and our present day Nurse Heroes and their families.

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