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The Women Who Dared Art Collection

The ‘Women Who Dared’ is the world's largest privately owned art collection exclusively by women artists. Art from the collection is also featured across Northwell Health hospital locations.

Celebrities including Katy Perry, Gloria Estefan, Arianna Huffington and many more, have created audio and film narrations that reveal the fascinating stories of artists from the collection.

Katy Perry.png

Katy Perry

Gloria Estefan_Credit BJ Formento.tif

Gloria Estefan

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Arianna Huffington

Celebrating the Nursing Profession:

The ‘Women who Dared’ collection consists of over 400 works by female artists, from all 7 continents of the world, spanning 2,500 years.

Thirty years ago, two motivated art collectors and philanthropists, Ms. Sandi Nicholson and her husband Mr. Bill Nicholson, discovered that less than 2% of works exhibited by the world’s leading museums and galleries were by women.  This inspired them to assemble the ‘Women Who Dared’ collection as a celebration of the talent, grit and perseverance of women in every field of human endeavor.

About 80% of nurses globally are women.  In honor of the nursing profession, and in support of Nurse Heroes, the 'Women Who Dared' collection is now exhibited to the public for the first time.​​

Lyla Marshall Harcoff - Dignified Profil

From the Women Who Dared collection: 'Florence' 1931

By Lyla Marshall Harcoff (1883 -1956)

How to see the 'Women Who Dared' Collection, Exhibited in Honor of Nurses Everywhere

Visit the 'Nurse Heroes - Women Who Dared Digital Gallery':  Visit our online gallery to see a tribute to our front line professionals - our digital collection combines memorable images of our nurses, select pieces from the 'Women Who Dared' art collection, together with women who have made difference in history.

Visit our Touring Exhibitions Select works of art from the Nurse Heroes art contest and the 'Women Who Dared' collection will tour across the country and internationally, exhibited in collaboration with hospitals, museums and host institutions.

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