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“We have selected Texas Woman's University College of Nursing as a beneficiary of Nurse Heroes for their commitment to transformational learning, discovery, and service in an inclusive environment that embraces diversity.  Texas Woman’s University College of Nursing inspires excellence and a pioneering spirit.”  Ms. Sandi Nicholson, Philanthropist

Founded in 1901, Texas Woman’s University (‘TWU’) is widely regarded as the premier public university in the United States for a woman-focused education and leadership development, graduating thriving citizens who have a strong sense of community, health, prosperity, and a sense of purpose.

TWU is recognized for its historical strengths and leadership in the fields of nursing, education, the health professions, nutrition, the arts and business.  TWU is proud to be recognized as 4th in the United States for ethnic diversity.

TWU's nursing program is one of the largest in the United States and their Doctoral program in nursing is the largest in the world.  TWU makes a vital contribution to training the next generation of nurses and has produced over 20,000 alumni.  The College of Nursing is part of a network of health care professionals spanning three TWU campuses across Texas, including Denton, Dallas and Houston.  Each year over 700 new nurses graduate from TWU’s College of Nursing, including 447 with Bachelor’s degrees, 210 Master’s degrees and 48 Doctor’s degrees.

As Rosalie Mainous, Dean and Professor, College of Nursing has emphasized, “At no other time in history has the profession of nursing been more valued by the public or the work been more meaningful. We need men and women who want to experience the joy and fulfillment of being a nurse, whether in the community, the intensive care unit, with families, or those that need an advocate and cannot speak for themselves.”

In 2001 TWU established the Center for Global Nursing, which facilitates nursing students, faculty, alumni and

20190903-131705_MO2_5472 - Mainous Nursing_.jpg

Rosalie Mainous, Dean and Professor, College of Nursing


TWU's Doctoral Program in Nursing is the Largest in the World

community partners to become exceptional citizens in a global society.  This reflects TWU’s philosophy that nursing is without borders, impacting the health of young and old, rich and poor, individuals, families, communities and nations throughout the world.  TWU faculty assist in a World Health Organization-funded research study at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.  TWU's Center for Global Nursing also have nurse education collaborations with China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Korea.

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