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"For their legacy of contributions to the communities they serve and the distinguished service provided by their front line healthcare and nursing professionals during the COVID crisis, we are delighted to select the nurses of Northwell Health as the first beneficiary of Nurse Heroes and the 'Women Who Dared' collection." Ms. Sandi Nicholson, philanthropist & art collector

Northwell Health is the largest healthcare provider in New York and amongst the largest in the nation.  During the COVID - 19 crisis, Northwell Health was at the epicenter providing medical care to over 200,000 COVID patients with the support of a team of 77,000 employees, including over 3,300 physicians and 20,000 nurses.

Northwell Health strives to improve the health of the communities they serve and are committed to providing the highest quality clinical care; educating the current and future generations of healthcare professionals; searching for new advances in medicine through the conduct of biomedical research; promoting health education; and caring for the entire community regardless of the ability to pay.​

  • Northwell Health provides over 800 hospitals and care centers to the communities they serve

  • Northwell Health's 3,300 physicians provide care in over 100 clinical specialties

  • The Katz Institute for Women’s Health is recognized nationally as a leader in women's health and wellness

  • As an academic medical center, Northwell Health is engaged in training the next generation of physicians, nurse practitioners and registered nurses

  • Northwell Health is also a nationally respected supporter of our veterans, and a member of 'America Serves'

  • Northwell Health contributed over $1.4 billion in community care and support services last year

Northwell on the Front Line

Northwell on the Front Line

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'Northwell on the front lines of COVID - 19: the First Two Months'

Hope Huddles

Hope Huddles

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“Hope Huddles”

The Northwell Health team has also helped inspire and motivate us during particularly challenging times; for example Emily Fawcett, RN, a nurse working on one of Lenox Hill Hospital’s COVID-19 units, helped launch an initiative that promises to provide positivity to her fellow front-line health care workers — something she calls “Hope Huddles.”


​Northwell Health stands-out as a team of collaborators, healthcare professionals, research pioneers, and educators, caring for millions of patients each year.  We are delighted to select the nurses of Northwell Health as the first beneficiary of Nurse Heroes and the 'Women Who Dared' collection.

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