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Together, We Can Create a Future Without a Shortage of Nurses.

There is an accelerating shortage of nurses around the world.  If nothing changes within three years we will have about 1 million fewer nurses than we require in the United States and a shortage of 2 million nurses in Europe.  It is a similar trend globally.

7pm Cheer - Cady Chapman Lenox Hill ICU

Motivated philanthropists, celebrities and media organizations have joined forces to honor our Nurse Heroes    and raise much needed funds to create a future without a shortage of nurses in the workforce.

Your donation can help accomplish this mission. The funds go to programs including scholarships to train the next generation of nurses and nurse practitioners!




Through our celebrity concert series, monthly art contest, and nurse choir performances, Nurse Heroes  are informing and inspiring the world to help create a future without a shortage of nurses and nurse practioners.


Members of the first Nurse Heroes Choir,   featuring the nurses of Northwell Health, have gone onto perform in Americas Got Talent, at Carnegie Hall, at Time Person of the Year Awards and at the White House 'Spirit of the Season' concert.



Nurse Heroes & the nursing profession are in the news - discover the latest news and media coverage now!

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